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California Motorcycle Dealer Locator Search

Search and find the motorcycle dealer and manufacturer lines they carry within your zip code area simply by placing your zip code in the search tool.

Dealerships throughout the state of California including Arizona can be found by using this simple motorcycle dealers zip code search.

All the motorcycle manufacture brands from A to Z are listed along with the dealers who supply them.

Each listing will have the dealerships hyperlinked website address so your search to locate your favorite dealer and manufacturer line up they carry is fast and easy.


The achievements of the CMDA, over its decades-long history, demonstrate its commitment to the motorcycle and motorsport dealers of California. Its leadership consistently has the best interests of its franchised dealer members in mind. The heritage of protecting their business interests continues into the 21st Century, with the challenges of the advent of different types of motorsports products constantly being added to the product lines that motorcycle dealers offer to eager customers.

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Lake Elsinore, CA 92531 (951) 471-1500
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Since 1971 - Over Fify Years of Service to California's Motorcycle & Motorsports Dealers